Different Courses and Teaching Units for 10- 13 year old children

To design inspiring Biology lessons I trust in hands-on learning and inquiry-based learning; experiments and work in the lab are, of course, a fundamental principle of science teaching.

Due to the continuous development of scientific research and the increase of knowledge, I see it as a central task to provide young adults tools of scientific work and enable them to act as responsible young citizen. I also see it as a big issue to stimulate the students’ curiosity about how biological processes work and what influence they have on our society.

Subunits of the WATER topic:

  • The water cycle: Builing a little greenhouse
  • States of matter: ice – water – steam
  • Life in and around the lake
  • Water – essential for our body and survival
  • The power of water – it can dissolve things
  • Aquatic Animals

Material& Methods: Each subunits is already prepared with different learning materials – exeperiments, worksheets, videos and pictures, observations outside in the nature, …. The children will be enabled to discover the scientific processes and phenomenos by themselves and in cooperation with each other.

Time: each subunit needs between 1.5h- 3h, depending on how much detailed + hand-on focus it should be