About Me

Anna Hubner

I was born 1988 in Salzburg (Austria) and currently live in Copenhagen.
After studying Biology in Graz and completing a Master Program in Performance Studies in Hamburg, I combine my interest in natural sciences, performance art and teaching.

I work as a dancer, author and biology teacher, where I focuses on the artistic transformation of biologist themes and social issues. I’m interested in exploring the connection between the mobility of the body, the variety of ideas and our creative productivity while discovering the world.

In meaningful and age-considerate workshops for children the activities are built around educational principles and let children explore various themes in a creative athmosphære and in relation to other children. The workshops transform spectators to become creative creators. 

Together with my performance collective Glitch AG, I realize theater and dance performances as well as participation formats in public space.

In July 2020 my son Lian was born.