Movement and voice workshop for women*

The workshop focus on the topics of female* sexuality, Shame and lust that usually remain invisible.
We explore talking about our sexual Life and our relationship to “the one down there”, but also
our relationship to other people – be it intimate or socially – to be more open, brazen, be able to talk to each other more freely.
In the workshop we try to find languages ​​together that are different May express themselves between physical language as movement as well as text and moving language in the literal sense. On the one hand, our workshop is a physical examination of the body itself and language (as a “showing oneself”) – as a basic requirement

The workshop begins with movement and encounters space. In repetitive structure find movement,
small writing processes (mini automatic writing sessions), small rounds of talks (small talk) take place as
also discussions in the larger group (big talk), to reflect together on what happened.
Our methodology tries to create a climate in which participants without artistic practice or movement experience feeling good.

And so we slowly feel our way from body to language before, with the focus of movement from the axis between the pelvic floor and mouth/jaw grows. With this we explore together the physical/mental
connection between language and unsaid/said body parts.

Time: min. 3h, also weekend -courses possible

Participants: between 7-12 persons

Space: space for movers, the best would be dance floor, but wooden space is also fine,