10.03.2019 I We Present Festival, Lichthof Theater Hamburg   18. 06.2018, Tender Steps Recidency, Arbeitsplatz Wien + Raw Matters

In The Pixels of Your Touch the two performers meet in the space of the liquid crystal display in a dematerialized manner. In digital darkness, the desire for communication and intimacy are superimposed. You are lying hot in my arms. Random Access Memory: tactile receptors, thermoreceptors, pressure receptors, mechanoreceptors: connecting lines in endlessly nested imaginary spaces.

           C    Gentle Touch Screen: Warm invite to late night skype dinner. 
           A    Hamburg, 9% battery
                 Missed call
                 Missed videocall.
           C   We give each other the sweaty hand of the data stream
           A    Cupper, Silicium, Aluminium, Cobalt, Lithium, Ferrum, Platin
                 Personal Hotspot

Performance I Anna Hubner, Claudia Lomoschitz
Fotos I Georg Oberweger, Giuliani von Giese 
Mentoring: Nanina Kotlowski, Deborah Hazler, Charlotta Ruth,
Phillip Gemacher, Jeremias Altmann und Jasmin Hoffer