interdicipliary research


ongoing interdisciplinary research

ecological interconnectedness

One theoretical base of my research idea is Michael Kliens publication Choreography—as an
Aesthetics of Change. He proposes that if the world is perceived as a reality constructed of
interactions, relationships, constellations and proportionalities, choreography can assume the
creative practice of setting such relations, or set the conditions for such relations, to emerge.
Due to Klien choreography is presented as an emerging, autonomous aesthetics concerned with the
workings and governance of patterns, dynamics and ecologies. In this research he integrates the
ideas introduced by system theory and cybernetics, especially as developed by Gregory Bateson.
Another fertile source of inspiration is Gry Worre Hallberg’s Sensuous Society – Carving the path
towards a sustainable future through aesthetic inhabitation stimulating ecologic connectedness. She
also focuses on Batesons idea where he shows the ecological interconnectedness of all things as a
necessary step out of the ecological crisis. Taking also Donna Haraway’s understanding of complete
interconnectivity through and in multispecies kinship in concern she deals with the question of how
the sensuous might support a more sustainable future.

in touch – our sensual perception

To build on my previous work, I would also like to include the subject of skin and touch. Touch as a
physically sensory experience as well as in the sense of Jean Luc Nancy as a fundamental form of
interaction between us and the world.
I want to look closer at the structures and functions of the skin and want to find out what skin tells,
as the first perceptible border across other boundaries in which we live.

I would like to create different environments and habitats, to get a better
(incorporated) understanding of the interconnection between all living systems and find out, with
choreography (frames, patterns, practices) stimulate my and our ecological awareness.
At the intersection of biology and performance I want to slip in the role of an architect of a fluid
environment I’m part of to create new possibilities of action and change. Furthermore, I will focus on
my own sensual perception and search so for a dance- language, which shows a sensible and
democratic approach & interaction with the habitat. In want to get in dialogue with Lumbricus
Terrestris (earthworm) and weave myself into the mycelium hidden in the soil.