22.– 25. Juni 2017, Kampnagel Hamburg

Concept & Choreography & Text: Anna Hubner, Ideas & Performance:  Janis Jirotka, Paula Jütting, Anna Hubner, Yolanda Morales & Verena Steine Mentoring & Out side Eye: Jochen Roller, Antje Pfuntner; Patricia Carolin Mai Foto: Georg Oberweger

Corpora amorpha cannot be controlled, melts away, wants to touch and looks for the singular in the collective.

At the interface of dance, poetry and science, the question arises as to how physical contact is inscribed and where the traces can be found. Little by little, the boundaries between sensually perceptible physicality and the social framework will become blurred.                                  

At the heart of Corpora Amorpha is the question of how to pass on and transfer tactile experience and thus create a collective space of experience. One focus is on the sounds and noises that can arise skin on skin.

From the point of view of transmission and affection within collective structures, this work wants to include not only movement and dynamics, but above all the moment of touch. Touch is seen both as a physically perceptible, sensory event and, in the sense of Jean Luc Nancy, as a fundamental form of interaction between us and the world (cf. “Touch, Jean-Luc Nancy” by Jacques Derrida).

The skin as information carrier, protective coat and sensorium runs through as a band and connects or separates the five performers from each other. Tightly woven tapestries of text or sound form a playing field for improvisation with body and movemet.