Choregraphic & Building reserach


Ongoing research process to find out more about the secrets of nests

I’ve always been fascinated by the nests birds can make. Ornate constructions that they produce in days of work. They are designing their homes to catch their prey and attracting their mates. In the process they create gorgeous nests, shelters, and habitats.

And at the same time they create a base for further life – places that are supposed to provide security and that enable the offspring to survive and grow up with a feeling of security. Protected from all dangers – a place where life can develop undisturbed.

One could assume that this is something every person takes for granted – and yet it is clearly a privilege that many people are currently denied. Where the basis of life is a shaky construct that is exposed to permanent danger and where existential fears are part of everyday life. How do people, who are on the run and take their homes with them, build their safe space? What strategies do they develope to compensate their missing nests? How is this written into our body memory?


· Is a process about feeling safe and questioning different human living conditions. · Is still at the beginning.

· Is a dialogue between sculpture, people and environemnt.

· Is looking for aethetics and forms that can then be implemented in a performance that can be shown in art spaces or site-specific.